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"Kids Stuff", a CD and MP3 by Rosemary Phillips

About "Kids Stuff"
Songs for Children
List of songs
Free download and video of Little Candle
Video of One Seed

Kids Stuff album with Rosemary Phillips
About "Kids' Stuff"
Words, music (SOCAN), vocals and guitar by Rosemary Phillips
Vocals on "One Seed" - Clare and Darbye Turner; Monique, Leah and Marc Peron
Bass on "The Sun and the Moon" - Jim Ryan
Percussion on "The Sun and the Moon" - Dave Brummet
Guitar & bass for "One Seed" - John Vere
Recorded & engineered at Cactus Studios, Grand Forks BC Canada
Produced by Rosemary Phillips and John Vere
A compilation of songs that children have really enjoyed, sang along with, played with, run with, and just generally had fun with.

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Songs for Children
Kids' Stuff is a compilation of songs that children have enjoyed singing with, dancing with, running around with. The songs come from the CDs Homemade with Rosemary and Me & My Guitar.

List of songs:

The Sun and the Moon (Sample)
Little Candle (Video, Lyrics)
Fly Away Free
Tippi's Learning to Fly
The Day the Wind Changed
Who are You?
Talking to My Self
One Seed (Video, Lyrics etc.)
There Is Hope (Download, Lyrics etc.)

Free download and video of "Little Candle"
Visit the "Little Candle" page for information, the link to the free download, video, lyrics and guitar chords.

Video of "One Seed"
Visit the "One Seed" page for the video, lyrics and guitar chords, and the school presentation outline.

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