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What teachers say about "One Seed"
What children say about "One Seed"
Reviews of Rosemary's presentation
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"One Seed" has been presented by Rosemary herself in schools and halls throughout British Columbia (Canada), from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, through the Okanagan and Kootenays up to Fort Nelson in the north. "One Seed" has also been to schools in southern Ontario. Even before its release in 2011 as a video on YouTube (see the One Seed Main Page) the story and song had been used in classrooms around the world. The following are but a few of the many comments and thank-yous from teachers and children. Be sure to see the Presentation Outline on the new Presentation Page, and some of the children's art and more reviews from teachers, in the Kids Art Gallery.

What teachers say about "One Seed"

Dear Rosemary,
I am a teacher of English as a second language in Spain and I would like you to know that my students from second grade (primary, PYP curriculum) have enjoyed the One Seed story so much that they wanted to keep on working on the topic all day long. They wanted to continue listening to the catchy song and the story again and again. You would be delighted to see them working on the One Seed worksheets that I prepared for them using your help. After the lessons they would sing the One Seed tune softely to themselves!
They were very happy to know that there is an Art Gallery where their drawings could be shown... I don't know if you can make their dream come true, but if there is the slightest possiblity of adding their drawings to the art gallery my students would be the happiest kids in the world. I am still working on the story with them as I find it perfect to develop both language and other important competences, such as tolerance, personal determination, willingness, and much more. From Spain we would like to thank you for your support and valuable teaching resources.
- Natalia Apariz, Pontevedra, Spain.

The children thoroughly enjoyed singing "One Seed". It was the best song in the program. In addition I put a copy of the lyrics in their Memory Books and hope that they will refer to them often and make the connection. Thank you again.
- Cheryl Tumas, Kindergarten Teacher - Carlisle, PA, USA.

I used your book to perform a play for my Kindergarten class; we loved the story and the song.
- Larisa Bondy, Roosevelt, NJ, USA.

My students and I love your book. It is so wonderful because it is so inspirational... My kids narrated, sang and danced to your story "One Seed". They were on the District (TV) Channel 17. Even though they only practiced for two weeks, they did a great job! Thank you for such a beautiful story and song. The kids had such a great time and I know that it's an experience they'll never forget.
- Olivia Ayala, Pharr, Texas, USA.

What children say about "One Seed"

For me, One Seed is a story that helps me understand people. Helps me believe in myself and have faith because I think One Seed is a story of believing and caring. It shows you that you can do anything if you try your best. Like in your story, the Seed never gave up.
- Jordan, Grade 3

I love the book and song. Thank you.
- Zoe, age 4

I love your story because it almost made me cry! But I can tell that you really tried! Your story has a lot of courage, hope and faith in it. That's why I cry. Thank you so much for writing this story. I love it.
- Amanda

Dear Rosemary. I love the One Seed song! The reasons are because the words are beautiful and you have a great voice! I sing this song with my big buddies. I thank you for writing this book for kids!
- Selina

Thank you! For writing this story. It really encouraged my grandma to plant more trees and never give up. I'm writing a story about my friends and I.
- Duncan

Reviews of Rosemary's presentation

The children were enchanted with the story, the catchy song, and the actions that Rosemary taught them. Rosemary understands children and what captures their interest, while bringing a 'message' to the whole experience.
A seed can be a garden seed, or an idea, and from both we 'reap what we sow'. I found this presentation to be effective and successful in different ways. The students were actively engaged for the 40-minute performance. I felt that it was particularly appealing and 'mind-sticking' when many of us, students and adults alike, found ourselves humming or singing the tune long after Rosemary had left the school.
- Peg Sargeant, teacher/principal (now retired), British Columbia

Thank you Rosemary. We enjoyed your book and presentation. My children were delighted to meet 'a real live author.' We like the way you included us in the reading of the story and the singing of the song. A great treat!
- Mrs. Darlene Whiting and the Grade Ones of JW Inglis Elementary

Rosemary's calm approach with the children, involvement of all the children in one way, shape or form with a variety of actitivies, i.e. thinking, talking, singing, responding. I was very impressed with the presentation - it was relevant to the curriculum. It was very multifaceted - seeds, perseverence, not bowing to what others think - WOW. "Hooked" students. The Seed became a personal friend. The children were involved and attentive.
- Teachers in Northern BC

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