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About "Me and My Guitar"
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Just a simple recording
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Just press the record button

About "Me and My Guitar"
Words, music, vocals and guitar by Rosemary Phillips
Recorded & mixed at Cactus Studios, Grand Forks, BC, Canada
Features comedic songs about hope, life, trying to find ourselves, talking with ourselves and labels. Songs that children enjoy.
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Little Candle
Fly Away Free
Tippi's Learning To Fly
Something Different, Something New
Who Are You?
Talking To My Self
2K The Bull - poem
Cash Cow
There Is Hope - a song for peace
Asha (Hope) - a song for peace

Single Song web pages - with videos and more

Little Candle
Something Different, Something New - accompanying the book The Day the Wind Changed.
There Is Hope
Asha (Hope)

Just a simple recording
I love garage sales. After holding my own in the spring of 2007 to reduce my belongings before making a move from Grand Forks, BC to Vancouver Island, I had enough funds on hand to finally record those songs that had been running around in my head, been performed at many functions and concerts, and had been typed out on sheets of paper with words and guitar chords only. So with just $100 in my pocket I was able to book four hours of studio time and finally get the songs down before I forgot them.

Songs that go with stories
"Little Candle" was written as a Season of Light song rather than a Christmas Song, for a children's presentation in the local library. Over 5,000 have viewed the video on YouTube and 120 children, from six school choirs performed "Little Candle" for Candle Night in the Netherlands. "Fly Away Free" and "Tippi's Learning to Fly" are based on the Keyray fairy stories I'm writing - and when performed in the local parks for children had little ones running all over the place pretending they were flying. It was great fun. "Something Different, Somethng New" accompanies the story The Day the Wind Changed, about how we often continue along in our lives doing the same things every day - until we are forced to change. "Who Are You?" came from a memorable meeting with Mr. MacDonald in Mallaig in northern Scotland, back in 1973 when I stayed at his Bed & Breakfast. The song also goes with a story called "The End of the Road to Skye." "Talking to My Self" - well the title says it all. I don't know about you but I often get great answers when I talk with my self. "Labels" - while looking at labels immediately in view it is also a metaphor for the bigger "labels" we place on ourselves, others and just about anything.

From "Pleasure-ology" to "There is Hope"
"Pleasure-ology" was written almost 30 years ago with Lance Eastman (Lance Garrett) to be the theme song for Vancouver's first Alternative Health Fair organized by the late refloxologist Yvette Eastman. It was performed with guitar and kazoo. "Oompa" was written after my father received a copy of "Homemade with Rosemary" and said, "Very nice, but you don't have a polka!" It is here dedicated to his memory. "Cash Cow" I'm sure was truly inspired by an other-wordly source as it poured through my fingers onto the keyboard of my computer. The song was given its first performance at a peace rally in Grand Forks. Still "There is Hope" - originally written for the Festival of Freedom at the Forks. And “Asha (Hope)” which is now put to a circle dance by Mihaela and is also a VIDEO and FREE DOWNLOAD to share around the world.

Just press the record button John
There are no fancy electronic effects, no high tech here, single takes only with simple instructions to John Vere at Cactus Studios; "Just press the record button." And so it was one spring afternoon in Grand Forks, British Columbia, up in high country.

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