Colour You Healthy - a Pocket Guide by Rosemary Phillips

A journey through the rainbow - A pocket guide

About Colour You Healthy
Colour You Healthy - A Pocket Guide
Colour You Healthy Art
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About Colour You Healthy
After many years of teaching fun evening classes of interior design and decoration, and after studying the various effects of colour in our lives I began combining this information not only in my classes but also in chalk drawings. I call these "Healing Drawings". I coined the name "Colour You Healthy" to emphasize the importance of colour around us, in our home, with the clothes we wear, and in our striving for health and wellness. Now I just love the additional play on words - that - this book is created, designed and produced in Canada where Colour has "U" in it! It's the writer in me and my British humour.

Colour You Healthy - The Book - A Pocket Guide

I have carried my teaching notes with me for many years and even considered making a book of all the information for class participants. But is wasn't until the summer of 2010, after the muse tapped me on the shoulder once again, that I finally took those notes and put them into booklet form, and also as an E-Book. The result is a quick pocket-guide reference, in colour, a journey through the rainbow in point-form summary, providing hints to colour use in your home, clothing, healing, and even, say, when buying a friend a gift of flowers.
Each ray is indicated by it's location on the colour wheel (primary, secondary, tertiary), the energy centre (chakra) that it is associated with, and also the note it resonates with on the musical scale. There is so much information available through books and Internet this is but a beginning.

A few examples

Colour has been used throughout civilization for healing. For example, babies with jaundice, instead of receiving blood transfusions, can be placed in an arc of blue light. A person needing calming is placed in a pink room. Yellow can lift our spirits. Green relaxes the eyes. Because of the subtle atmospheric changes in colour, blind people also can react to it. The whole human body is a symphony of colour, like a rainbow. We radiate colour through our aura and our chakras. Kirlian photography has been able to capture images of colour radiating from fingertips.
To the right is a sample page from "Colour You Healthy". The JPG is not very clear. The actual page in the book is crisp and colourful, for yes, it is a booklet about colour, in colour!

Colour You Healthy Art
It was over twenty years ago that I began using colour in intuitive drawings. It seemed a logical thing to do, to combine the healing properties of colour in drawings that would assist individuals in their own healing journeys, be they emotional, physical or spiritual. (See the Gallery for recent creations.) The resultant drawings have been placed on fridges, walls, and even framed.
In the past these drawings were usually commissioned while many were also created as gifts for friends. Once again the muse struck this past summer while I sat at Farmer's Markets. The result is a new series of drawings, some of which were snapped up by visitors as soon as they were completed.

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