The Happy Feet Foot Massage by Rosemary Phillips

A step-by-step guide using reflexology, massage and natural healing techniques

Happy Feet Foot Massage
The Happy Feet Foot Massage
The Method Evolves
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The Happy Feet Foot Massage

This effective method of foot massage, using reflexology, massage and natural healing techniques, has benefitted hundreds of people, from children to the elderly, from athletes to the infirm. The benefits are many: relaxation, restored circulation, ease of movement, and so much more - but mostly "Happy Feet!" This simple and fully-illustrated manual shows how to give a Happy Feet Foot Massage effectively and confidently.


Introduction - Back in the 1990’s, a nurse in the Tahsis medical clinic suggested I put my skill as a reflexologist to use as a volunteer for the Burning Boot Great Walk, a 63.5 kilometre (40 mile) challenge on back-country logging roads from Gold River to Tahsis on Vancouver Island. Little did I realize what I was in for. When I arrived the Village of Tahsis was teaming with warm-hearted volunteers doing everything from making sandwiches and goodies, to preparing coffee, managing the stations along the way, and giving support to each and every one of the several-hundred walkers from around the world as they took on this gruelling test of endurance. Held yearly in June, it is one of the world’s longest and hardest walkathons and raises funds for many charities. All ages participate—from children to the elderly.

Happy Feet Foot Massage
A new technique is born - It became clear that I had to change my methods and develop a ‘quick’ massage to help walkers back on the road and towards their final destination. While walkers took a seat in a row of lawn chairs they took off their shoes and socks. One by one feet were inspected for blisters and any problems, then using this particular method of combining reflexology, massage and natural healing, feet were reduced in size and walkers could comfortably get their boots back on. In addition, walkers felt invigorated and got back on the road to go the remaining distance

It worked! - It was such a thrill, during those years I volunteered, to cheer the walkers on and then go to the community centre in Tahsis to see the last walkers come in. Every walker was escorted by the local fire department with their truck and sirens blaring along those last few blocks to the finish line. It warmed my heart to know that in some little way I had helped so many of them get to the end of their challenge, to meet their goal. The greatest reward was having walkers come up to me and say, “Thank you for your help. I wouldn’t have made it without your foot massage!” In return I say -‘Thank you’!

The Method Evolves

Just a simple foot massage - What started out as a simple foot massage on the side of the road for participants in the Great Walk became something completely different. By incorporating my knowledge of reflexology and natural healing practices I was also able to assist the whole body, not just the feet.

Spreading the word and skill - The first foot massage classes were given with Nanaimo Parks and Recreation on Vancouver Island. The classes were only two or three hours long so the focus was limited to just the general massage of the feet. It then seemed a good idea to incorporate the foot massage in the reflexology courses I was teaching.

Adding reflexology and natural healing techniques - Participants in the foot massage classes then went on to take the full eight-week course on reflexology. When they revisited the foot massage they really noticed the difference. What had originally been a sensational massage of just the feet had become a full body experience. There was a big difference in both the manner and intent of doing the massage, and in the outcome.

The Book

Happy Feet Foot Massage
A simple step-by-step guide - I could write volumes on what to do and how to do it, but the idea with this method of foot massage is to be simple and concise. Here I have chosen to share the information as though I am giving a three-hour hands-on workshop.

Fully illustrated - I have provided simple illustrations that show, each movement and location of hands. I have also included full illustrations and foot charts that were originally published in ”Touchpoint Reflexology – The First Steps”, written by Yvette Eastman (Ptarmigan Press) with all artwork and illustrations by and copyrighted to myself. (The pages shown here are a bit blurry from the transfer to PDF. The original is crisp and clear.)

Happy Feet Foot Massage
Table of Contents

Healing Energy and Thought
The Method Evolves
Reflexology & Natural Healing
How to Use this Guide
The Body and Reflexology Zones
Anatomy of the Foot
Step 1. Tools and Location
Step 2. Greet the Feet
Step 3. Relaxation Techniques
Solar Plexus Hold, Wringing, Push Pull, Jiggle, Ankle Rotation 1, Ankle Rotation 2, Squeeze, Twist, Toe Rotation, Wringing and Solar Plexus, Finishing Relaxation Technique
Step 4. The Massage
Oil or Lotion?, Let your Fingers Feel, Palm Rubdown, Troughing, Thumb Rotation, Finger and Thumb Rotation, Fist Slide through Zones, Index Finger Slide, Percussion, Energy Field, Zone Hold, Finishing Each Foot
Step 5. Solar Plexus Breathing
Step 6. Extras, Chakras
Step 7. Finishing the Massage
Foot Chart — Plantar
Foot Chart — Dorsum, Inside, Outside

About the Author

In 1982 Rosemary was certified as a reflexologist and in 1984 as an instructor with Touchpoint Reflexology. In 1985 she designed and created all the artwork and illustrations for Touchpoint Reflexology: The First Steps, (those were the days of hand-drawing, typesetting, waxing and cut and paste) written by the late Yvette Eastman. Since then she has taken on various community projects, taught reflexology, foot massage, decorating, meditation and natural healing. Rosemary writes feature interview articles. She is also a singer-songwriter and has performed across Canada.

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