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A Higher Common Sense - Series of Articles

Articles, Reviews and Stories

Calvin Dyck - Violinist, Director, Producer, Teacher
Celtic Tenors (The) - Interviews and Reviews
Corey Cerovsek - Violinist
Daniel Bolshoy - Guitarist
Dee Daniels - Jazz Singer
Eleanor Brown - Colour consultant for 30 years
Francine Jarry – Montreal singer-songwriter
Gary Karr - World’s leading solo bassist
Gordon Lightfoot Tribute - a review
Ian Parker - Classical Pianist, Music Director and Conductor
Irene Griffey - Spiritualist medium
Jane Coop - Canadian pianist
Jason Nett - Composer - Guitarist
Jasper Wood - Canadian violinist
Jasper Wood - CD Review
Jeff Christmas - Conductor - Musician - Jeans'N Classics
Jean Meilleur - Singer - Jeans'N Classics
Jim Salmon (a.k.a. Fish) - Percussionist - Jestick Inventor
Juliette Kang - Violinist
Katherine Berg - Escape From Russia - Memoirs of a Mennonite, I and II
Ken Lavigne - Tenor
Ken Lavigne - Tenor - a Review
Lara St. John - Violinist
LEGENDS - a Review
Margot Holmes - International Artists' Manager
Marlin Wolfe - Conductor, Gourmet Cook and Author
Michael Burgess - Canadian Tenor and Actor
Michael Hope - Canadian baritone, pops singer
Michael Kim - Pianist
Nadya Blanchette - Singer - Love is in the Aria
Natalie Choquette - La Diva - Opera Comedienne
Norman Foote - Canadian children’s entertainer
Orchid Ensemble - Lan Tung, Haiqiong Deng and Jonathan Bernard
Pacific Baroque Orchestra
Paolo Bortolussi - Flutist
Paul Horn - Flutist - Grandfather of New Age Music
    A Whale Story the Magic of Paul Horn's Flute
Peter Fisher - Violinist
Pierre Simard - Conductor and Composer
Pippa Williams - Oboist
Ray Staples - The Room Doctor
Sara Davis Buechner - Pianist
Sonja Gustafson - Canadian Singer
Songs Strings & Steps 12 - Review-Article
Tiller’s Folly – Bruce Coughlan, Laurence Knight, Nolan Murray
Tina Guo - Cellist - Wonder Woman Theme
Tommy Banks - Canadian Icon
Tony Araujo - Choral Director
Valdy - Canada’s troubadour- A Review
Valdy and Gary Fjellgaard - The Contenders - A Review
Vancouver Island Symphony - a Review-Article
When All the Valley Was Flower Seeds

A Higher Common Sense - Series of Articles
It's Not Alzheimer's - Memory Loss and New Technology
STOP Growth GO Sustainable - A letter to Prime-Minister Justin Trudeau and governments
Windstar 2010 - Volunteer Work Weekend - Story and Videos


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