Quills Quotes & Notes: Homemade with Rosemary - CD and MP3 by Rosemary Phillips

"Homemade with Rosemary", a CD and MP3 by Rosemary Phillips

Homemade with Rosemary
Words, music, vocals and guitar by Rosemary Phillips (SOCAN)
Bass - Jim Ryan
Percussion - Dave Brummet
Bass for "Doubt and Faith" and "Love's Heart" - John Vere
A collection of songs geared to life transitions and healing.

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Songs and Sound Samples
Free Download of "Thank You" and YouTube video
Individual Song Lyrics
The Recording comes together
Songs to help with Healing
Reviews of Homemade

Songs and Sound Samples. Click on the titles for sound samples.

We are the Wind
The Sun and the Moon
Reach for the Star
Doubt and Faith
Going Home
Love’s Heart
Old, Old Tree
A Candle of Light
Thank You
The Opening Door

Free Download of "Thank You" and YouTube video
Follow this link to the THANK YOU page which provides the YouTube video, sound download, lyrics and chords for the song.

Individual Song Lyrics
Go to the Lyrics Index page which provides links for each song.

The Recording Comes Together
After years of singing other people’s songs the Muse hit me in rather a big way and since the first fun song called “Stuff” (which came about after Mum died, my car got rear-ended and my home was set on fire – you have to laugh at life sometimes) lyrics and little tunes have been pouring out.

The world changes with 9-11
Then, after September 11, 2001, when the world was presented with yet another great opportunity for growth, the song “Tears” happened. And with the song came the words like a voice booming in my head, “You must record this.” And so I did, along with several other songs.

Jim Ryan helped on bass
It was all done in one session with great musicians: Jim Ryan on bass (he's amazing) and Dave Brummet on percussion. I sang all the vocals, and harmonies, and played guitar. John Vere of Cactus Studios in Grand Forks, BC, did the engineering and mixing, and a little more guitar.

Rosemary Phillips with Jim Ryan and Dave Brummet performing "Tears" live on stage.

Recorded "Live"
We stood or sat around the studio in a circle, working and playing off each other. Jim would say, “Play it through.” I played the piece once and the next time it was a take. Things went that smoothly. Except for after the rather emotional song “Reach for the Star”, after which Jim had to go outside and have a cigarette.

It was like recording in the intimacy of a living room. So there’s no fancy electronic effects, no high tech here, just a bunch of musicians recording “live”. There may be glitches but that’s what makes it human and “Homemade”. There was magic. And angels were certainly with us. I did ask the angels when we started if they could sing the song “We are the Wind” instead of having me try and imitate them. But they chose not to comply. So, instead, you have Rosemary imagining she’s an angel. (Pull the other leg, it’s got a bell on it.)

Songs to help with Healing
The songs are very much the inspirational and spiritual kind, with a little bit of fun. They deal with life transitions, and have been used for people who are facing difficulties in their lives, such as depression, grief, healing, and terminal illness. One lady recently stopped me on the main street of town to say, “I play your CD every morning and every night to help me through. You see, my daughter is dying of cancer.”

I feel truly honoured that my work is able to help others that way.

So I hope that you enjoy this CD and that it brings you comfort too. And watch for "The Opening Door".

Reviews of "Homemade with Rosemary"

Hi there Rosemary … I recently received your CD “Homemade”, thanks to family friend Dick, who resides on the Charlottes… congratulations on a fine job, and very entertaining recording. The wife and I thoroughly enjoy it! Good luck with any future recordings.
Dave Glover, Trail, B.C.

Your CD is a joy. I love every song, and they fit together so beautifully. The colours and design on the album are very heart lifting and eye-catching. The more people who get to listen to your songs in these uncertain times, the better.
Maureen, Quadra Island

Your CD arrived today. It has a lovely cover and I am looking forward to listening to your voice. I loved hearing you sing “The Sun and the Moon” on Neil Gillon’s morning show (CBC Radio One).
Lillian, Delta, B.C.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your CD – both the lyrics and the clarity of your voice. My daughter is going through a very rough time emotionally at the moment so I am hoping that listening to your songs will bring her some solace and peace.
Miriam, Newfoundland

Thank you for that inspiration CD “Homemade with Rosemary.” I note how this has come about and I am sure it would indeed be a valuable complement to our work here, so thank you for it, for it will indeed be treasured.
Ray Branch, Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Sanctuary, Burrows Lea, U.K.

Thank you so much for the CD. I enjoyed it very much. I took it last week to my laundrette and the manager of the shop played it to us, the customers.
Betty, London, U.K.

Thank you so much for sending the CD – I love it! You’re very focussed and it comes through in your music. My favourite cut? “Opening Doors.” It’s the only way to look at things!
Laura, Nanaimo

I received your CD today. You certainly have a lovely voice. I’m listening to you as I write this.
Pat, Nanaimo

Yes, I played “Homemade” the minute it dropped through the letterbox. Thanks for such a heart warming disc. Your warm voice full of love and meaning floats over this damp February morning and cheers me on my way. Yes, I am moved by “Old, Old Tree” but “Thank You” is so full of gratitude for the good, and my feeling for you.
Christine, London, U.K.

The lyrics and your music, and your voice, are terrific. I knew you wrote books and good articles, but I had no idea you were so gifted musically. I feel very privileged to have the product of what I am sure was a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, and I thank you so much for sending me something that did cheer me.
Helen, Toronto

What a wonderful surprise to receive the CD “Homemade with Rosemary.” You have been busy and being true to your creative self. I will share the CD and its good music with Tom and other friends too. It is kind of special. I particularly like the pieces “The Sun and the Moon”, “Doubt and Faith”, and “Stuff”. You truly have gone a long way since “Bubbles in Bubbles.”
Drew, Toronto

You have a great voice and I hope you are very successful with it. Listening to your songs is like having the sunshine in the room!
Raeto, Nanaimo

Congratulations on a beautiful collection of songs! May your soothing sounds reach many; lend comfort where there is pain; pleasure where there is wont; and a sense of calm and serenity to all.
Mary, Nanaimo

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